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Holiday shopping on a budget

Holiday gift shopping can be a lot of fun. It can also be expensive.

This Tech Tip will guide you through the technical details of shopping for a practical gift for the motorhead or car buff in the family! Even dad appreciates stocking stuffers he could use on those cold winter mornings when out scraping snow or warming up the car.

Carter's offers several gift ideas that are not only fun to get but practical to give.

Stocking Stuffers (obviously, some of these items should be hung by the chimney with care and others should not be hung near an open flame of any kind!)

Deicer concentrate for wiper fluid reservoir

Ice scraper

Spray lube or graphite lube

Battery acid or radiator fluid tester (hydrometer)

Octane booster or injector cleaner

Wiper blades

Tire pressure gauge


Gift under the tree

Dolmar power product (chainsaw, weed eater, blower)

Filters: every car needs filters of all types: oil, gas, cabin air, engine air, etc. The first of the year is a great time to perform a filter change. Many folks have time off for the holidays and a little "alone time" in the garage with the family wagon but away from the actual family may be just what the doctor ordered! Bring in your vehicle information and we will professionally crossmatch all the filters for your make and model. Give the gift of peace and quite out in the garage, give a set of filters!

Battery load tester

Ramps, jack or jackstands

Grease gun

Battery charger

For little ones and young drivers just getting started:

Hand tools, wrenches and sockets.

Ice scraper, windshield deicer, lock deicer, silicone spray for door bead rubber seal.

Road side safety kit (ask counter person for help in custom designing your own safety kit: tire slime, tools, reflectors to warn vehicles, jumper cables, jack, flashlight, salt, traction aids, etc.)

Diecast model car or truck

Gift certificates

Unsure what you need? Give the gift of choice! Give a Carter's gift certificate.

Some may think that gifts for the car make questionable holiday presents. The fact is, anybody who seriously works with their hands or depends on their vehicle during winter weather will use many of these items throughout the year. Why not do that person in your family a favor and get them the gifts they will actually use to keep themselves and their family safe on the road. Hey, it beats another cheap sweater that just sits in the back of the closet all year!

And remember, we appreciate you spending your money locally where it stays in our community.

Give us a call or stop by one of our convenient locations today. We're here to help!

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